How Far Would You Go to Eat Some Chocolate?

I just spent half an hour on the phone calling six different 1-800 numbers just so I could eat some chocolate.

Look, it’s that critical time of the month when I really need my chocolate, you know?

Now the reason I had to spend all that time and effort is due to the fact that my darling husband is a safety nut. A super safety nut, God bless ‘im, who read an article on Friday evening about how the Chinese melamine contamination of milk products had been extended to include chocolate. And he wasn’t clear on precisely which types of chocolate were affected so he banned us from eating any of it. Which was, of course, the right thing to do. Buuuuttt…

Our treat bowl just sat there all weekend, tempting us with its chocolatey-ness while we waited for the Hershey’s, Starbucks, Lindt and Mars offices to open on Monday morning so I could call and verify the safety of consuming their products. (Yeah, we kind of have a lot of chocolate sitting around here. Heh, heh.)

My sugar-monster son would sigh loudly as he searched fruitlessly through the cupboards for “something fun” to eat. We moaned together over our losses throughout Saturday and Sunday.

But fear not chocolate lovers everywhere!

Sacrificing precious writing time, I personally called Hershey’s, Mars, Lindt, and Starbucks today, and all their chocolate and flavored coffees are perfectly safe to eat. Thank goodness! I’m tellin’ ya’, you don’t want to see me when I haven’t had my chocolate. It ain’t pretty.

Image by: Digital Sextant


Buddhist In The West said...

Mmmmm, chocolate! I had not heard of that Chinese thing until your post - I must investigate! hopefully it won;'t affect German made chocolate, as I ate 200g of hazelnut choc bar yesterday...

Name: Holly Bowne said...

In the article I read late yesterday (AFTER making all those phone calls!), it appears to only have affected 11 Cadbury Chinese-made types of chocolate. Not the Cadbury sold in the U.S. But just to be certain, check to see if there is a 1-800# on the wrapper of whatever your fav brand is and give them a ring!