I don’t typically delve into the political arena in my blog—preferring instead to discuss the intricacies of life as a writer and perimenopausal mom of teens. But as I was driving to an appointment today, my attention was caught by these election signs in one of my neighbor’s yards. I had to laugh out loud. I think their yard signs clearly exemplify what is going on in our nation over the upcoming election.

Hopefully this family has respectfully agreed to disagree!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am glad our family is divided. With all this passion going into this election I am glad Bill and I are on the same page. That sign is funny though and def. a picture of our country. Kim

Kathy Sena said...

I love it! I hope they have a sense of humor about it in that family, and that the signs weren't placed there, side by side, in anger! I'd like to hope that they can laugh at the situation.

Noёlle Smith said...

I had a two signs on the lawn family. It changed with every election( we have more than two parties)