The Phone Call

I’d like to apologize for my lack of “real” blogging over the past month. I know I’ve had periods in the past where my blogging has been a bit lame, but I don’t believe I’ve ever gone this long with only “Quote of the Month” posts to share.

I do have an excuse, though. It’s a good one. And it goes like this:

One morning in early October our phone rang at 5:50 a.m. My hubby’s alarm went off at the same time, so in our confusion we didn’t realize the phone was ringing and missed the call. Dialing into our voicemail we heard the following message:

“Hi Holly & Chris, this is Ruth-Mom. I’m calling to see if Holly can come over to let the dog out this morning?”


“By the way, I’m having chest pain and we just called 9-1-1, so we’re expecting an ambulance any time now.”

Really, mom? REALLY?! That’s how you let us know you’re having a HEART ATTACK!

Long story short, my mom ended up spending 21 days in the hospital.

She didn’t enjoy it.

She had a catheterization, some lovely complications, a triple bypass, some more lovely complications including them sticking a tube up her nose for nutritional purposes.

She didn’t enjoy that either.

Finally, she was given the A-ok to go…

To Rehab.

She didn’t enjoy that either.

She was in rehab for a little over a week when she tried to escape. Seems they wanted to move her to a new room. She didn’t want to move to a new room. She wanted to go home. They insisted she stay. When I got there I found her in her new room eating dinner in a huff. She told me she was so mad she walked “ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE HALL!” This was a record.

She stayed the night, but scammed negotiated her release within two days.

She’s finally home. Tired but happier.

Needless to say, my writing life (& especially my blogging life!) has suffered. I’m going to try really hard to get back into my regular ol’ blogging groove, but with the holidays coming, I know I'm in for a real challenge. Right now, I wish I was one of those really cool bloggers who plans ahead and writes posts months in advance. Alas, *sigh*, that’s not me. Yet!

Image by: Ju-x