How to Deal with Empty Nest: 10 Things I Don’t Miss About You

Well, we’re three months into this new Empty Nester thing and I still miss the boy. Since I’ve embarrassed Ashleigh plenty of times on the ol’ blog, I decided it was Josh’s turn. Again. (Heh, heh!) All’s fair in love and family! To help me along in this EN transition, I thought if I wrote a top 10 list about stuff I DON’T miss now that he’s gone, it might help. So here goes…

10 Things I Don’t Miss About You

How you liked to play with knives.

Then you liked to play
with bigger knives.

How you’d decide that midnight was a good time to go walk around the neighborhood with your buds.

The motorcycle! ‘Nuf said.

How disgusting you’d let
the bathroom get.
(For the record, this isn't our bathroom. It looks way better ours did!)

How trashed our living room was.

Getting up at 5:50 a.m.

How you liked to longboard.
In the dark!

Nagging you. (You probably don’t miss that either!)

The daily loads of dirty, sweaty, mud-stained soccer laundry.

*Sigh* Yeah, I’m totally lying.  I miss it all. Seriously, all of it.

Hey! You parents out there! Any of you who are going through difficult or challenging times with your kid and you’re thinking, I can’t wait till they’re gone so we can have some peace and quiet around here--I admit, there’s some good stuff about becoming Empty Nesters. And maybe I’ll write a post about that someday. But the truth is…sometimes I really do miss those noisy, stressful, nagging, messy times the most.

How do you get through those times when you're missing someone?