Today's Lesson: No Worries 101

Three people approached me in the past 48 hours with the exact same question, spoken in the exact same tone: “So, how do you feel about Ashleigh going to Guatemala this summer?” This question was always followed by a loaded pause that seemed filled with unspoken thoughts such as “are you a stressed-out basket case?” Or possibly “are you nuts allowing your baby to travel far, far away like that?”

Truth time: I am a bit of a worrier. I know, I know, those of you who know me well are surprised (cough) to learn that fact. I struggle with that area of my life even though I know worrying doesn’t help anything. And I’ll admit, when my 17-year-old daughter first broached the subject of participating in a Central American mission trip, I was a bit surprised. And of course, I made the critical mistake of “Googling” Guatemala.

When will I learn?

Just like when you start investigating medical issues going on within your body, “Googling” isn’t always the best idea. You can really freak yourself out that way.

But my daughter said to me, “I really feel God wants me to do this, mom.”

C’mon, how can I argue with that?

So by the time she’d applied, and submitted her 15-page application, my hubby and I were fine with it. We felt it would be an awesome growth experience for her, both spiritually and emotionally. We were also secure in the knowledge that, if somehow, she was unable to raise the almost $3,000 she needed to go, we would be able to help her out. Well, that was several months ago. We didn’t figure on this big ‘ol economic downturn having such a personal impact on us.

Our daughter recently found out she was approved for the trip. A slight glitch caused her application’s approval to be delayed. She immediately began actively fundraising, but her first installment is due in less than two weeks. And we no longer have the funds to back her up.

So now, I’m realizing this is a growth experience emotionally and spiritually for me as well. Not only in letting my baby, my precious 17-year-old, taller-and-often-more-mature-than-me baby, take this trip (far, far away), but letting go of my worries and concerns over the money part as well. Realizing that if the Big Guy wants her to go, if she’s meant to go, then the money will come, right?

Yup. We’re in the midst of a lesson in faith—let go, and let God.

Now, with all that being said, once we’re actually driving her to the airport--um, yeah. It very well could be freak-out time for mom.

Image by: Arturo Avila


Annette Piper said...

I'm sure you'll be fine when the time comes. I've had two friends have daughters go overseas recently and both have coped far better than they thought they would.

Gibby said...

Wow, I feel your pain! Being a parent sucks sometimes...knowing that you have to let go even though you are sending your child out into the unknown. Or, since you googled, the "known," which just might be worse! Good luck to your daughter!