This is a Test. This is Only a Test.

I’m starting to suspect I’m being tested on how to handle crises better. My hubby’s job has been requiring a lot more travel over the past few months. And lately, every time he goes out of town, something bad happens.

In January...

The day after he left for Europe, I heard a weird thumping sound as I drove my son through the neighborhood to his bus stop.

“Do you hear something?” I asked my normally observant son.
“It’s just the snow, Mom.” He responded confidently.

Why I take a 14-year-old’s word for stuff always amazes me, but I do. I thumped my way back home, aware the sound had grown even louder, and discovered I’d been driving on the rim of my flat-as-a-prairie tire. Blast it! Car stuff is SO not my area.

I called AAA crying, certain I’d destroyed my rims. As I waited for a tow truck, I gave myself a mental face slap and focused on the positives: at least I could wait in my warm house; and I had the insurance to cover AAA, as well as a new tire. When Mr. Tow Truck finished up, he thanked me for my positive attitude. I was feelin’ pretty cool.

Then, along came February...

This time, the day after hubby left my computer was struck by a virus—actually three viruses in 10 days. (For that whole story, click here.) Once again I cried in frustration. But ultimately battled the viruses and won thanks to the computer repair shop owner’s tips and advice. it's March...

Hubby left yesterday. Mhmm. Worst one yet, people.

I haven’t had a job interview since, oh…1993, I think. Well, I had one today. I was nervous, and spent hours preparing. I saw the kids off to school, and planned to hop in the shower immediately to meet my tight time schedule. Turned on the shower. Ice cold. Not getting hot.

Oh man, maybe that pilot light thingy is out, I thought. In a panic, I called my good friend.

“Can I come over and use your shower right now? I’ve got no hot water!”

She didn’t even hesitate. “Sure!” (Is she awesome or what?!)

I grabbed my towel and supplies, racing over in my pajamas. I showered quickly and was just leaving, when my friend said, “Do you know what’s wrong with the hot water?”
“No. I figured it’s the pilot light thingy.”
“That happened to us once, and it wasn’t the pilot light. The hot water heater actually broke and was leaking all over the basement.”

Uh-oh. Could the situation be even worse than I'd imagined?

I hustled home, raced to the basement and sure enough, water all over the floor--the heater spewing it out like a fountain.

Great. Just great.

Just once, why couldn’t the crisis be something like, “Oh no! Ashleigh’s entire soccer team needs their hair French braided this morning!” Or, “Uh-oh, we need two dozen brownies baked, by 10:00 a.m.!” Something I know how to handle. But no.

I called my plumber (Louie da Plumber--seriously!) and got his voicemail, “Louie, it’s Holly, and--” at this point I burst into tears, leaving a garbled message which even I could barely understand. I didn’t even remember to leave my phone number. He called me back seconds later. Through my sobbing and sniffling, he talked me through shutting off the water.

Even though he had a late morning appointment, just like me, he dropped his youngest daughter off at school and came directly to my house, arriving on his white horse—er truck. He followed me to the basement, making jokes the entire time, until my tears were dry and I was able to laugh again.

Thankfully, Louie was able to correct the problem. He even ran to the store, purchased a part, made it back, fixed it and finished without either of us missing our appointments. I told him I thought he was an angel, and he just laughed and rode away in his white truck.

Louie da Plumber ROCKS!

As I drove to my interview, I reflected on the fact that despite all these negative things that have been happening, I’ve had many moments of thankfulness come out of them. This time I’m grateful I had a close-enough, sweet-enough friend that I could use her shower on mere seconds notice. I’m grateful to have such an awesome, wonderful, caring plumber as Louie da Plumber. With everything that’s happened, God has really supplied what I’ve needed as I’ve needed it. And that ROCKS too!

I don’t know what next month will hold, but I’m really hoping the crisis is something along the lines of, “Oh dear, does anybody know a writer? We need one, stat!”

Image by: Anosmia


Lori Anderson Designs said...

I can totally understand. Our smoke detector decided to go off for NO reason intermitantly during the night my husband and son were gone. It's hard-wired to the house, so I had no idea how to FIX it. Doze off, BLLLLAAAT. Fend off heart attack, doze off....BLLLLAAAAAT. Cripes.

Virginia said...

Oh, I hear you. I remember the time I was pregnant, with 2.5-year-old, and the lock on the door broke, with the key in it. Bought a new lock, got out the drill, the drill broke, called my neighbor, who loaned me a drill...

Eventually my neighbor came over and said, I can fix this for you.

Thank Goodness! Hope you have an uneventful next few days.

jerzegirl said...

Our hot water heater broke also. Actually it was our water pump but it went all over the hot water heater and ruined a part..

Expect good things and they will come.

Love your warmth and sense of humor..

Annette Piper said...

Oh it does seem that you're being trained in crisis management! Here's to a quiet, low stress April!