Top 20 Tips for Savoring the Holidays

I’ve been re-reading a book I originally read in the mid-1990s. It was an Oprah’s Book Club favorite titled, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The book is a bit more “new age” than I typically like, but I really love the overall message it delivers about appreciating what you have, paring down, and simplifying your life. It’s set up in a format to be read a little bit every day over the course of one year. A while back, I was reading one of the October entries about coping with stress, an appropriate topic for many of us today.

I was also thinking, as we are in the midst of the holiday season, a few tips on how to slow down and really enjoy this time of year might be appropriate. So here are my top 20 tips, inspired by the book, on coping with stress so we can truly enjoy the holidays…

1. Keep a gratitude attitude. Write down five things you’re grateful for every day.

2. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

3. Don’t overschedule your days; truly LIVE in the moment.

4. Set realistic deadlines and achievable goals.

5. Surrender expectations.

6. For every time you say “yes,” let there be a “no.”

7. Allow an extra 20 minutes for everything you do.

8. Breathe deeply several times throughout the day.

9. If it’s not delicious, don’t eat it.

10. If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it.

11. Laugh every day.

12. Luxuriate in all five senses.

13. Let Mother Nature nurture you.

14. Turn off the telephone ringer, and turn down the answering machine volume during dinner.

15. Avoid energy vampires (negative people!).

16. Cherish your friendships.

17. Savor beauty.

18. Care for your soul.

19. Remember to dream.

20. Show love every day.

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Kristi Faith said...

Great reminders, Holly! I've left an award for you at my blog today when you get a chance stop by and pick it up! :)

Susan R. Mills said...

I love it. I haven't been able to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe if I follow these tips, I will.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Thanks so much, Kristi! I appreciate it. Merry Christmas! :o)

Vivianne said...

This is truly a great list of tips. Not only applicable for the Christmas season, but generally everyday. I'm going to live in the moment and print it out immediately because I tend to forget things very easily!

Naomi de la Torre said...

Love it. It is so important sometimes to take a break and remember to slow it all down. I need to carry this list around with me, not just during the holidays, but always. Thank you!

Petula said...

Excellent tips. Sounds like a great book to read.

mi3sprouts said...

Thanks for the great reminders!

Mom2Miles said...

Great tips & good timing. I never thought I'd be one of those holiday-stress people but add 2 kids, subtract extra time & there you have it. Is it OK if some days the only things on my gratitude list are babysitters & wine? ;)

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Thanks mi3sprouts! And to Mom2Miles, I say ABSOLUTELY! ;o)

Naomi de la Torre said...

Hi Holly! I just wanted to tell you that I have an award for you at my blog. I really appreciate the bloggy friendship and support. Your blog is awesome and so are you. Here's the linky:

Blia said...

Happy New Year Holly!