The Octogenarian

Okay, my blog, my rules! It was my dad's 80th birthday last week! I cannot believe he is 80! So in honor of this major event, I'd like to share some cool stuff about my dad.

He is a genuinely sweet man with an amazing heart. He loves my mom and even though my brothers, sister and I would really prefer it if they'd stop all that yucky smooching in front of us, they never have.

He's a wonderful listener. He has this way of completely focusing his attention on you when you're talking. He makes you feel like whatever you're sharing is the most interesting thing he's heard in a long time.

He never swears. I don't believe I've ever heard a curse word come out of his mouth. I remember once when I was a kid, I entered a room where he was doing some hammering. I had just started whining, "Daaaaaaad," (you know, that really grating way kids do?) when the hammer whacked his thumb instead of the intended nail. I froze. But all that came out of his mouth was, "Dad Gum It!" (His favorite exclamation of frustration.) Then he turned to me and said in a completely normal tone of voice, "What did you need, Holly?"

I know, right! Pretty amazing!

He's an artist. He recently began painting watercolors, and already a talented woodworker, he took up chip carving several years ago. None of that laser-generated stuff. He does all his work by hand. Check it out:

Actually, here is a link to his website if you're interested: Wood 'an ' Crafts

One more bit of bragging and I'll let you escape. (I'm like those moms who insist on showing you their unbelievably-talented-amazing baby pictures, aren't I?)

My dad is a fencer! He fenced at Wayne State University and was a three-year fencing letterman there. He was ranked second in the Midwest in 1955 for epee. He was the NCAA individual foil champion two years straight in 1957 and 1958. He was nominated to the United States Olympic Foil Squad. And he was inducted into the Wayne State University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1980.

Here's some recent video taken of my dad who now teaches at a local fencing club where he lives. (He's the guy in the blue sweats):

Did I mention he is 80?!!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!! XO
(And don't worry Mom, I'll do a special post about you on your 80th birthday! ;o)


Annette Piper said...

Happy Birthday Holly's Dad! :D

He sounds so talented and so kind. And looks rather dashing!

Ivy said...


What an amazing tribute!

Holly's Dad said...

Thanks, Ivy. Holly is an amazing daughter!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, that was so sweet and special! Your dad sounds so nice and he's so talented.
And he looks fabulous for 80!!!!!
Happy belated b-day to him!