Quote of the Week

"The Soul would have no Rainbow
if the eyes had no tears."

~ Cherokee Proverb ~

Image by: Adrian Michael


RuthMom said...

A good one,very true.

TeresaR said...

True...but I'd be willing to have fewer rainbows if I could have fewer tears. ;)

Petula said...

Interesting quote. I'm still waiting for my rainbow to show up. :-) ... Maybe it would help if the tears would stop.

Heidi Willis said...

I used to write this all over my high school notebooks. :)

It's good to remember sometimes that we appreciate the amazingness of some things because we know what it's like without them.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful picture. I once got a pretty one near Diamond Head in Hawaii. Good words, too,though I agree, I wish there were less tears.