Your Unrecognized Awesomeness

So, my lovely author and blogging e-friend (yes, I just made that word up!) Heidi Willis recently wrote a post about this book titled, You Are Good at Things: A Checklist by Andy Selsberg. The author makes readers aware that we are all most likely suffering from “unrecognized awesomeness”! For example, perhaps…

* You have the uncanny ability to always notice when someone has gotten a new haircut.
* You can make the last half-ounce of toothpaste last for a month.
* You are an expert at remote controlling, or…
* You're a wizard at resisting the urge to eat all the cheese right after grating it.

According to this quirky book’s description, it offers “a celebration of all your secret skills and unheralded abilities. It calls attention to the way you're able to give your kids names that will never appear on key chains at gift shops, and cheers your talent for wrapping presents using very little tape. In your own way, you're a master, and the world should know it. Because let's face it: You are good at things!”

I was cracking up at the things Heidi and her commenters acknowledged they were good at, and thought to myself, “What the heck, my blog friends and I are good at stuff, too.”

So I’m totally ripping off her blog post topic!

For the record, I’d like to give Heidi full credit for the idea and encourage you all to visit her blog: And Also...because there's always something else to say. I truly enjoy her posts! And while I’m at it, I’ll give her terrific book another plug. Some Kind of Normal is a great read. If you haven’t bought it already, get it—it’s wonderful!

And now, let’s all share some things we’re good at. I’ll go first:

*  I’m good at stealing other people’s blog ideas and using them on my blog!

*  I’m good at reading manuals.

*  I’m gifted at not dusting.

*   I’m great at making dinners that cause the smoke alarm to go off.

*   I have a talent for staying up way too late every night. 

*   I’m good at having two-way conversations with my dog.

*   I’m good at interrupting people’s stories to ask questions and get more details.

*   I’m terrific at freaking out in crisis situations.

*   I’m amazingly good at procrastinating.

*   I’m wonderful at embarrassing my kids in public.

*   I’m good at making character voices when reading a story aloud.

My daughter told me I had to write this one:
*  I’m great at getting overly emotional about animals getting injured on film and in real life.

Okay, your turn!


Jennifer Shirk said...

You may be amazingly good at procrastinating.
But I'm better. :-)

I'm amazingly good at reciting movie lines and have a fantastic sense of taste.

Nancy said...

Both those books look so good.

I am good at making desserts while someone else makes the dinners.
I am good at singing to babies.
I am good at singing in German.
I am good at playing jacks.
I am good at remembering old Shakespeare quotes.
I am good at putting all kinds of notes on little pieces of paper.
I am good at organizing my drawers and ridding up.
I am good at accessorizing.
I am good at stopping when I have only eaten one third of the Cheetos.
I am a good mother.

Thanks Holly. That was fun and it felt good.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

My pleasure, Nancy! You're good at so many things!! :o)

TeresaR said...

I'm with you on the procrastination! What a great best laugh of the day. Thank you!

I'll just do one:
I'm an expert at getting distra...squirrel!

Annette Piper said...

The more I learn about you Holly, the more I like you! And it seems we're so alike... EXCEPT I don't read manuals. That's what husbands are for LOL.