Love A Tree Day

Image by: Horia Varlan

I'm sad.

We said final farewells to some old friends today.

Today is Love A Tree Day, according to one of the "Unusual Holidays" calendars I have on my iPhone. And ironically, we awoke to workmen in our neighbor's yard, grinding away the last remnants of two of the most BEAUTIFUL willow trees ever.

I know my husband is not as sorry to see them go as I am, since he was the one who ended up clearing much of their "weeping" debris from our yard year round. But since I work from home, I would often take my laptop out onto the deck on nice days and look up from my writing to see their great wispy branches waving in the breeze, hear the ancient creak as their limbs rubbed together.

There isn't a symphony that compares. *Sigh* But they're gone now. I guess they had become a danger. Ready to drop their heavy branches on unsuspecting passersby or small animals. I know it was probably the right thing to do, but it's depressing! It looks so...bald now!

Here is my three-picture story commemorating the event. I sort of missed getting a true first shot, but in that first picture, imagine the "naked" tree to the right looking just as full and glorious as the one beside it and you'll see the difference.

If you're lucky enough to have some nice, big ol' mature trees in your yard. Go give 'em a hug! And have a happy Love A Tree Day.


Nancy said...

I can feel your pain. Your first tree picture is so beautiful. At our old house, we had willows, too, but it was a cottonwood tree that I almost lost years ago. It was on the edge of our lot. Turned out the new neighbors owned it. They were out there cutting away one day. I cried and wrote a tree poem for my tree. It turns out that they were just trimming it. So, I do feel for you. Trees are very special.

TeresaR said...

We adore trees and feel your loss. Trees are not only gorgeous, but they help with the environment and provide habitat for wildlife. Willows are especially lovely. I'm sad for your loss of such lovely trees.